“The dark form shifted into a horse pulling a buggy and seemed to emerge from within the heart of the blizzard…” Watercolor on paper, ©V.Plut

Partly cloudy, thirty five degrees, winds down to 5 mph, with snow tapering off by 5 a.m., but another storm following around 7 a.m.

Perfect conditions, he thought.

He would have a good window of time before the next snow.

The roads would be cleared, but the woods would be…

The Poet by Vincent van Gogh, Musee d’Orsay, France, Wikipedia Commons, Public Domain

Human beings are a race of poets — some of us develop this trait fully while others of us are content to walk through life without a thought to the world that surrounds us. We have the capacity to see nature and the world around us as something more than…

Carvel Ice Cream Shop, Rt. 1, West Palm Beach, Florida, 1991, ©V.Plut

I grew up in the Midwest, but ended up living for many years in the state of Virginia, working as a Black & White Darkroom Photographer — long story. …

A Free Verse

Spring is a free verse

the poet regales her pink
purple lilac
yellow forsythia
tulip daffodil crocus
silvery-white birch
each singing
a solo song

before the chorus of green

mired in dirt
shadow swaying on
sunlit fence
her bombs bursting in
snowing petals
at her feet
throwing her babes
to uncertain
blowing over
emerald grass

V. Plut

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