V. Plut

Enticed by a vault of blue blazing

Icy white sycamore tapping

The door to heaven looking

Quizzically at the lone answer of infinite polarized space holding

December sun on broad shoulders guilding

Gold on gray branches lighting

The dark morning molding

The cold seasoning

Squirrels nest bearing

The elements in…



A Free Verse


They breathe their last in the light
Of Autumn mornings and evenings
Glittering against the deep blue gray
Of passing rain clouds
Rendering sugar maple-red
Less holy beside their brilliant gold backsides
Moisture heavy on their leaves
They flutter farewell
To twigs preparing for winter bed




A Free Verse

DYING LIGHT, Rolleiflex, Testar 3.5, 75mm, Kodak Portra 160, analog image

Atop the rocky
beneath the stars —

trees litter leaves

in forest breeze

before the grieving night
along my line of sight —

in the swan song

of evening

yonder last light
a bonfire —

golden hope

beyond the briars

but my feet are mired in
on this…